M-V-E-M-J-S-U-N-(P): The HAC at Shunt, 10th – 13th June

Rupert Herries – 12th June
Rupert Herries first performed in London as resident singer-songwriter at the Little Theatre in St Martin’s Lane, 1972. He continued performing in various venues in the London area until he returned to Suffolk in 1976. In 1980 he released the 7″ EP ‘Stealing’, featuring Roger Eno.

Johnny Flynn – 13th June
Johnny Flynn is the sweet faced troubadour with a silky voice and boots to boot. He’ll be playing in a forest near you, until then he’s here so come in and have a listen. Get off your quack handle and put your bejesus in his sneezes. He loves Shunt like a mother.

Anna Calvi – 13th June
Anna Calvi could well be the spawn of David Lynch, in sound and style she echoes the feel of Blue Velvet (without the nudity).

And if you read all of that, you owe it to yourself to be there.