M-V-E-M-J-S-U-N-(P): The HAC at Shunt, 10th – 13th June

DJ Matt Hird – 11th June
Relax, lie back and let the music wash over you like a shower in the dark. It might heat up later in the night but we guarantee it won’t go above 5, 5 and a half.

DJ Promise of Beef – 12th/13th June
A bombastic telefantastic DJ display of 70’s disco that will get your heckles up and make your feet itch to the beat. He’s more than just a man, he’s a man with some records and a sound system.

DJ Heriz – 12th/13th June
Get funked in a big way, DJ Heriz is packing 45’s to the 9’s and he’ll send the soul up high. Quick step to the dance floor and God knows you’ll be screaming for more when Mick comes along to show you the door.

Oh Dear – 12th June, Time TBC
The boar that stroked the camel’s back. Influenced by influences, sounds like twang boing boom sing crash wheee scrape………….etc. You do the math and multiply your answer by π and add 5.

Small Town Bullies – 12th June, Time TBC
Putting the funk back into Suffunk or Suffolk as it’s miss-spelt and miss-pronounced by all. They’ll be headlining on Friday night and giving y’all a sweet, pleasant taste in your mouths. They are like a bon-bon wrapped in fire and brimstone, coated in icing sugar, painted blue.

Pepe Belmonte – 12th June
Pepe Belmonte is an acoustic folk-blues singer/ songwriter currently residing in London. He is known for playing personal arrangements of traditional blues songs including renditions of old favourites such as ‘Ragged and Dirty’, ‘John Henry’ and ‘Make Me Down A Pallet’.

Joe Kentucky and the Junkyard Fizz – 10th
A newly formed old time, old sound band with all the tricks to have each one of your toes tap-tap-tapping to beat. Sit down please, oh go on then stand up – walk to the bar and get me some whiskey – one ice cube.

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