Who Are The HAC?

The Heritage Arts Company is a collection of creatively-minded people who banded together with the goal of celebrating local culture in new and exciting ways.

Through theatre, art projects and workshops, we aim to make important cultural heritage a national, and community, priority. Our little island is crammed with stories of all kinds, from the grim and horrible, to the hilarious, to the poignant, but the number of people who know – and, importantly, want to pass on – these tall tales and local legends is shrinking under the weight of national and global chatter in the information age. We’re not anti-information, but we are pro-local. These stories are as much a part of our history as the adventures of chop-happy kings and monocled-statesmen, and make up a key part of the jigsaw that is our identity.

Using a combination of local, national, and international talent for each project, the Heritage Arts Company aims to plunder the land for great stories and beautiful locations, and match the two together with the help of

like-minded people of all walks from the neighbouring area. Simple, really.

Stones and Stories: A Recipe

Like the sound of what we have to offer? You can practice at home before you come to see us. To make a Heritage Arts Company production, please assemble the following ingredients:

A few pounds of oral tradition,

a cup of folklore,

a handful of songs,

three to four buckets of textual research,

a smattering of memories (though not too much, or the taste of nostalgia becomes overpowering).

Take these and mix them up into a delicious, heritage-y stew. Spread the mixture liberally over some actors, artists and musicians – remember to source locally for the best quality. If you haven’t already added the dance, do so now. Leave to cool.

Finally, take the result of your efforts and wrap it in a suitably old, impressive architectural specimen that deserves more attention than it gets.

Enjoy. (Serves: Hundreds.)