VAULT: No. 1.

Oh Boy.

Time Out Number One viewed event – for a whole week.

And that’s beating the new exhibition by Lucian Freud, rest in peace. Number one. If that’s not enough to make you click on the tickets button then we don’t know what is.

Ok, if you’re reading this then it wasn’t enough. How about this – Telegraph top ten? No? Guardian “Pick of the Week?” No?

How about London’s number one club night this week, as voted by Time Out?

We’re proud to say that we’re also going to be hosting the launch of the London Equality Groups manifesto for the London Mayoral Campaign – urging the candidates to sign up to the six most effective policies to reduce income inequality. Should be a leveling afternoon.

The evidence is mounting. If you aren’t at the VAULT you aren’t anywhere. We’re tearing back the lid on a completely new space at The Old Vic Tunnels, and you had better be there to see it. We are astounded, daily HOURLY by the wealth of talented people who’s shows, installations, films and music are flooding the venue, and honoured to be a part of it. Come down and say hello – you won’t regret it.