The Kraken Wakes

Mat Burt

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you come in; looks like you’ve caught us napping.

Well, not really: we’re very much back from our Autumn slumber. Slumber might be pushing it a little far, actually – the observant amongst you will have noticed us up and about with a few things here and there; thanks espescially to those who’ve been along to enjoy Folk In A Box in any of its recent incarnations. Those of you who’ve yet to see it are in for something quite special, should you discover it.

But, to the point: there’s something terrifying lumbering over the horizon. It’s out in the country, it’s heritage-y, and it’s our biggest project to date.

I don’t want to give too much away, so you’ll have to wait for the proper announcement, which hopefully isn’t, at this stage, too far off. We’ve got a few mini-treats lined up along the road though, of which we’ll send word as and when they happen.

So, stick around. If you follow Dave’s helpful example below and listen up, you can expect some big news very soon indeed.

Folk In A Box co-creator Dave Wright