Silent Opera: L’Orfeo Tickets Live

It’s with tremendous pride we can announce that tickets for Silent Opera‘s latest production, Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo, are officially on sale.

We’re lucky enough to be producing the show, which is supported by the Sky Arts: Ignition Futures Fund, the Arts Council, IdeasTap and Silent Cinema.

There’s so much that’s unique about Silent Opera it’s hard to know where to begin. Personal headphones for every member of the audience for an immersive live music experience like no other; a brilliant, brand-new English translation; a newly recorded live score; audience-driven narrative and so much more. The best thing to do (other than grab your ticket quick before they sell-out) is head over to Silent Opera‘s website and read all about it.

As a final word: members of the brilliant IdeasTap network have an opportunity to buy discounted tickets for the duration of the run. Head on over to IdeasTap website to find out more.

See you in the underworld!