Tim Wilson









The day has come for us to set sail.


We have stowed the rice and rum and we are ready to embark on a journey. We need whisperers in the crow’s nest and fibbers at the helm. The Radio SHAC Van is now heading off to begin its mission of collecting and cross referencing the little legends of your worlds. Take fifteen minutes to listen to the first few miles – there’ll be many more. A certain Dr Abagnale thinks his mission is complete; in fact, it’s only just begun. We hope you’ll enjoy the journey.

Mat has been working fantastically hard doing the editing and we plan to keep him that way. The Radio SHAC has committed to broadcasts regularly between now and next summer, when the mission takes on a new and exciting form… We’ll keep you informed on that, but for now – tell your friends, join our groups, and listen up. We’ll be announcing the themes for the coming broadcasts (this month: Home) and we want submissions from writers, singers, journalists, actors – young and old.


– Tim


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