Radio S-HAC: Episode Two!

Mat Burt


Have you clicked that lovely little truck drawing in the bottom right of the screen yet?




Well, now’s your chance to jump in: Episode Two of the Radio S-HAC is online!


In this chapter, the hapless new controllers of this universal broadcast junkpile find themselves devoid of water, a situation which brings about a horrifying revelation: there can be no tea.


Featuring Herodotus on crocodiles, Johnny Flynn on guitar and legendary Bering Sea fisherman Daniel Wakefield with an exclusive account of a near fatal storm, you’d never forgive yourself for missing it.


Stay tuned for more: over March and April, we’ll be releasing four more episodes, themed around Rebellion, Ruin, Bread, and, in the edge-of-your-seat ear-popping heart-wrenching finale, Machines.


Whether you’ve been following from the beginning, or are just picking up the series, please feel free to drop us a line at, Twitter or Facebook; we’d love to know what you think, and what you’d like to see happen..


But that’s not all, folks! There’s still time to get your submissions in for the final few episodes. If you’ve got an idea for a song, story, poem, play or just about anything that fits in with our theme and you’re just dying for the Radio S-HAC to beam it out there, get in touch. Add your own stories to the library.


And if you’re too late, well, that’s just too bad. But there’s always Series Two…


Mat x