VAULT Festival

Since 2012 | Waterloo, London

Eight weeks. 40 live days. Over 450 different events.

Up to 40 shows per night. Audiences of over 79,000.

Welcome to VAULT Festival.

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VAULT Festival is a wide-ranging arts festival produced by the Heritage Arts Company, designed to provide a unique and fair platform for emerging talent in theatre, comedy and across the arts. Setting brand new work alongside more established companies, VAULT Festival creates its own momentum through lateral involvement, cooperation and equality.

VAULT Festival happens every winter, typically from late January until mid March. Since its inception, VAULT Festival has doubled and re-doubled in size, growing from a 12-day event into an eight week expo of theatre, art, music and late-night entertainment. In 2014, two groundbreaking Heritage Arts-produced adaptations – Hunter S. Thompson’s gonzo adventure Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas and Ian McEwan’s heartbreaking debut The Cement Garden – played every day, whilst the rest of the festival played host to a new line-up every single week across its 7 separate venues within the labryinthine Vaults beneath Waterloo station. In the seven festivals we’ve produced so far, we’ve added new venues, new bars, and even a restaurant, making our most recent festival (2019) the biggest and most diverse to date.

“You certainly cannot accuse the VAULT organisers of failing to provide a full and varied programme. And I wouldn’t mind betting that, as well as entertaining, a lot of this will teach, educate and develop people too because there’s nothing mainstream, about any of it.”
The Stage

So far VAULT’s featured work from Theatre Ad Infinitum, Trygve Wakenshaw, Filter Theatre, James Rowland, SPECIFIQ, The Immersive Ensemble, The Flanagan Collective, Shady Dolls, Artful Badger, Engineer, Scratchworks, Dominic Allen, The Galloping Cuckoos, Dawn State, Descent, Superbolt, The Ticket, Changing Spaces, Dissolve Theatre, Angry Bairds, Airealism, Cantadora, The Pythagoras Ensemble, Jackdaw, Wolfpack, Caligula’s Alibi, Paper Smokers, Squared Circle, Nabokov, Jessica Burgess, Another Story, Yve Blake, House of Blakewell, Chamenos Collective, BattleActs!, Move To Stand, Bucket Club, KILN, Silent Opera, HAMMER Horror, and many, many more.


“Amazing.” Time Out

“A panoply of alternative arts delights.” The Guardian Guide

“A heady brew of the sweetly inventive and brazenly original.” Metro

“When something as entertaining as VAULT comes along, you should be there.” Shortlist

“Definitely make time to go and see something at the Vault Festival.” Everything Theatre

“An incredibly rich programme of theatre, music, comedy and other left-of-centre goings on, in the amazing subterranean space underneath Waterloo station.”
The Independent


Mat Burtcher & Andy George, Producers, Directors & Founders

George Islay Calderwood, Head of Operations
Laura Drake-Chambers, Head of Lates
Rhea Heath, General Manager
Bríd Kirby, Head of Comedy
Bec Martin-Williams, Head of Theatre & Performance
Josh Morrall, Head of Communications

Chloé Nelkin Consulting, PR |