The Black Lodge

At The Twin Peaks Weekender

23rd – 24th October 2010
Battersea Arts Centre


Working in collaboration with sound-experience pioneers Lumin,  Heritage Arts provided a nerve-wrecking combination of one-on-one performances, physical theatre and visual trickery at the Battersea Arts Centre’s Twin Peaks Weekender.

David Lynch’s acclaimed series provided the setting for an interactive playground where nothing is quite the way your remember. During the 32-Hour screening, curious visitors could find their way to The Black Lodge, a place without temporal rules housing the lost spirits of Coop, Harry, and Laura, chaperoned by the Giant and the Man From Another Place.

With live performances from Zan Lyons and Seaming, and DJs My Ex-Boyfriends Records, Crispin Dior and N>E>D, the Black Lodge provided an unsettling alternative to cherry pie and damn fine coffee.

“Gentlemen, two days ago a young woman was found murdered by the same individual I believe responsible for the death of Laura Palmer. I have reason to believe that the killer is in this room. As a member of the Bureau, I spend most of my time seeking simple answers to difficult questions. In the pursuit of Laura’s killer, I have employed Bureau guidelines, deductive technique, Tibetan method, instinct, and luck. But now I find myself in need of something new, which, for lack of a better word, we shall call… magic.”

Special Agent Dale Cooper

David Lynch's Twin Peaks

Event Concept
Lumin Sound Experiments and The Heritage Arts Company

Devised and Performed by
The Heritage Arts Company

Photographs used with kind permission from Atherton-Chiellino Photography of the Arts

Lumin Sound Experiments | The Battersea Arts Centre