M-V-E-M-J-S-U-N-(P): The HAC at Shunt, 10th – 13th June

Head down to London Bridge next week to see M-V-E-M-J-S-U-N-(P), a four-night event at the Shunt Lounge curated by Tom Duggan and The Heritage Arts Co.

We promise a pregnant collection of performance, installation, film, music and animation from Tom Duggan, The Heritage Arts Company and the friends of both. Whatever your game, there will be something you’ll want to play with – lose yourself in telescopic wonder or journey into outer space…it’s up to you to find the gems. Featuring:

The Telescopic Tunnel by Tom Duggan.

Room 0272 by The Heritage Arts Co.
This is the Cold War. You are being brought in to answer some questions, you’ll discuss the reasons behind your actions, you’ll fight tooth and nail for what you believe in and you won’t say a word. Whatever happens, don’t sign on the dotted line and you’ll be fine.

A Short Journey into Space by The Heritage Arts Co.
Take a deep breath and step into the capsule. The HAC will take into on a journey into the far reaches of outer space and deliver you home safely – all in the space of 5 minutes. Be brave and step right up, with any luck you’ll experience weightlessness of the mind, body and soul.

A Selection of Animations by Rob Ramsden.
As an illustrator/animator Rob practices a wide range of skills, both traditional and using computers to expand on the experience of expression and design. He uses these skills in both commercial and personal pursuits, these include animation, design, illustration, painting and drawing.

Scrap Solar System by David Wright.
A semi-scale moving model of the universe, made entirely from bits and bobs. This installation will tour festivals this summer, including Standon Calling which won the award for most innovative festival last year. David is one of the founding members of The Heritage Arts Company.