Guilty Pleasures – Standon ’10


We’re getting lots of lovely feedback for our work at Standon this year. Thanks very much!


“…an artfully executed game of whodunnit…
…a Sherlock meets The League of Gentlemen special…
…brilliantly bizarre.”

NME Magazine, 21st August 2010 (Link)


“…forward-thinking theatre pioneers The Heritage Arts Company bring to life this year’s mandate… with a fulfilling narrative that runs across the festival’s three days and draws you in, demanding your involvement.”

Amir Adhamy,, 2010 (Link)

“The incredible Heritage Arts Company played an even bigger part this year by constructing a temporary street where interactive theatre ran all weekend after Friday’s kidnap of Lord Bingham. Who kidnapped him? Was it a hoax? Thinking caps on…”

Jen Soame,, 2010 (Link)


“…the festival finds its identity in its eccentricities, from the fake currency – Binghams – and the secret passages linking the tailors to the bank… it’s staggeringly easy to get lost within its attractions, from solving a mystery to painting portraits, so much so that it’s a struggle to find time to see any music.”

Christian Cottingham,, 2010 (Link)


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Mat x