Festival Season

Mat Burt



It looks like summer might finally be upon us; it’s about time too.

We’ve got a nice busy summer lined up for anyone and everyone who feels in the festival mood, as we’re going to be appearing at not one, not two, but three festivals over the coming months.

In June, if you can hightail it all the way to Scotland, you can enjoy a Victorian-era beverage with us in the Beehive, as we’ll be hosting a venue for the fantastic Insider Festival which promises to be a picturesque, paradisal escape from the grey fingers of the big smoke.

You’ve probably heard of Bestival and its twin Camp Bestival; what you may not have heard is that there’ll be something rather Questy going down in the Dingly Dell featuring a Sententious Soothsayer and a Withered Wizard who some of you may find just a tad familiar.

The Lulworth Quest will run for all three days of the festival, and allow you to win prizes(!), solve puzzles, investigate clues and all the other exciting things that any good quest should, with a pretty special secret-grand-prize for the most adventurous and creative of you.

And, of course, we’ll be launching the Gods & Monsters theme at Standon Calling with an epic-upon-epic tale of the forbidden loved between Goddess Auria and Beast King Cras, and the terrifying, mysterious power of the Obleron. There’s cults to be joined, feet to be rubbed and hidden rings to discover. Don’t miss this one.

Phew. Right, better do some work then. See you there. And there. And there.