Enter the Obleron

For millennia, Standonia has been the arena of a struggle for power between the Gods, led by the beautiful Goddess Auria, and the Monsters, led by Boss-King Cras. In recent times, a kind of unspoken truce has arisen…

A new arrival threatens this balance. A gargantuan, energy-emitting monolith has appeared: The Obleron. Each side is afraid, and expects trickery from their ancient enemies. The truce lasts, for now, but who can be trusted? Cras and Auria must keep their respective followers in line and preserve the peace whilst trying to find out what the presence of the Obleron means, and whether it is a harbinger of good or ill for their people.
This is where the festivalgoer comes in, playing the part of the faithful or fraudulent follower of either the Gods or the Monsters, whichever they choose to throw their allegiance behind. Every step of the way, the cultists, creatures, semi- and demi-gods which populate the festival grounds are a key part of the epic as it unfolds.

A prophecy is revealed to both factions which implies that the Obleron will end the dominance of their race. Over the course of the festival, the followers of each clan must seek out the information, chants, rituals and arms needed to prevent something catastrophic happening on Saturday night, as the time of the prophecy creeps ever closer. Will they have the foresight to put aside their difference and defeat the Obleron together, Gods side by side with Monsters, or will one dominate the other once and for all? What secret is sustaining the truth, and once uncovered, will it spell the end of the reign of mythology, or a new beginning?

The stars will align. Answer the call of the Obleron at Standon Calling 2011.