Curtain Called.

Heritage Arts are spectacularly proud to have been Associate Producers for Ron Arad’s Curtain Call, now finishing its month in the Roundhouse main space. We were at the centre of the project for six months and now feeling justly proud of our achievements:

“Playful, original and brilliant” Observer
“A new way to see art” BBC

From helping to plan artist commissions (and that includes Christian Marclay and Mat Collishaw) to managing the budget, from getting heads together to solve technical conundrums to routing spectators through the Roundhouse, Heritage Arts provided the production with real expertise. Thanks goes especially to Lucy Atkinson at the Roundhouse, Michael Castellana at Ron Arad Associates, and the superlatively impressive Peter Wilms.

Projects like this – that don’t have a genre, that are outside classification – really interest us. Let us know what you’re up to – drop us a line.

Thanks for reading.