Coming Up: Old Vic

Mat Burt


Cold, isn’t it?


It may seem like we’re indulging in a little hibernation since our events at Harrods, The Savoy and the BAC earlier this Autumn (not to mention a certain Clandestine Film event you may have spotted us at). But in fact we’ve been busy for the last two months – and will be busier still in the next two months – working for the Old Vic.

Tim’s the Chairman for the Coming Up Festival, which is a collaboration between IdeasTap and the Old Vic New Voices programme – which Dave worked for as a Director, with me as trusty Assistant Director, at the 24 Hour Plays.














Tim’s been responsible for coordinating the six Creative Directors into a Collective, and ensuring that the Collective deliver a festival that stands toe-to-toe with Banksy and Punchdrunk in that most exciting of venues, the Old Vic Tunnels.

HAC are the contracted Company Managers for the Festival, which runs from Feb 14 for two weeks. Tickets will be available on IdeasTap in January – so sign yourselves up to that great website and let them know you’re coming along. And we’ll all see you there.

Enjoy the snow! x