Bingham Trust & Standon Calling Launch

Come down to the Cobden Club in West London on Friday the 28th of May to be a part of the Standon Calling 2010 launch party.

A collaboration between Standon, Heritage Arts and the Great Brain Robbery, the night promises great music, loads of live acts, and our personal favourite, an exclusive chance to meet the mysterious billionaire Lord Dick Bingham as he launches his new British ultra-bank: The Bingham Trust.

Now, there have been questions raised about Bingham’s legitimacy by the journalist/amateur sleuth Hunter Wakefield, who promises to be in attendance and grilling Bingham for all he’s worth (which is a considerable amount). Adding glamour to the event will be the beautiful Katherine J. Alibhai, gallery owner and underground art dealer, who (rumour has it) has some connection with Bingham and his riches.

Come down and meet this host of shady individuals, get a taste of what the Bingham Trust has to offer you and your kin this Summer, and get in on the ground floor for the only festival this summer to present a living narrative community to shakedown and party with: Standon Calling 2010.

Admission £5. For details, check out the flyer below:

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