Surfacing For Air

The last day of Vault.
In three weeks we’ve sent the curtain up on 100 different events, hosted over 25 unique artists and companies, seen over six thousand people through the door, been the number viewed event on Time Out for almost whole month, and had a damn fine time doing it.

By the broadest estimation we have put fifty grand in the pockets of young artists – and we feel as proud of them and we do ourselves.

While we’re on back-patting, let’s appreciate the strength of the thing we’ve built, against all the odds, without any major backers or sponsors – VAULT was built by unity of vision and linking energetic companies together. Well done to all the artists, to all the technicians, to all the volunteers and to all the audiences, and everyone else who picked up the ball and just kept running. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Where to go from here? We’re not switching to a completely subterranean lifestyle just yet. This summer will see another fantastic Standon Calling festival, where we’ll be having all kinds of ludicrous outdoor fun, and before we get there we’ve got some plans for the parks and a few more plans for this place. So watch this space – thanks for coming along.