About (Round)Houses

Mat Burt


The Heritage Arts Company spoke this week at the About Houses conference in Machynlleth, Wales. It’s very beautiful there, and we delved into local history as much as we could – Owain Glendwr and his mysterious disappearance are hot on our minds! We spoke about the field of Heritage and how to engage people with subjects that might appear difficult or elite.

Nik’s presentation of his autobiographical piece ‘Valley of the Water Dog’ last month had introduced Heritage Arts to a few in that corner of Wales, and we’re now planning a trip to Blaenau and Cwmorthin, to see the old miner’s houses and have a think about what kind of stories we could be telling.
Have a look as well at the fantastic resource – The Peoples Collection. A brilliant idea…

And another quick word on where we’re going here at the Heritage Arts HQ. Tim’s project with the Old Vic finished last month and barely a moment after that, Heritage Arts are now assisting the Roundhouse to deliver a project with world-renowned Israeli designer Ron Arad. Mr Arad’s work can be found at http://www.ronarad.co.uk/, but you’ll have to wait till August to see what he’s been working on. The Heritage Arts Company is proud to be affiliated with another multi platform festival-style event; do get in touch if there’s a project you need assistance on. We’ll be only too pleased to help.

Tim’s also been consulting two very sharp and up-beat theatre companies – one, Kindle Theatre, whose work at the Coming up Festival deserves a far wider platform, and the other, Skip Theatre, who are looking at a national tour next year. Heritage Arts is becoming a hub for production matters – you’ll see more about this before too long…